Massimo Meneghello


Massimo Meneghello Born in Verona il 03/11/1958 attended School at Liceo Scientifico Fracastoro, Verona, Italy on October 1971, graduated on June 1976. September 1976- :June 1983 attended University of Bologna, International Corporate and Administrative Law. Nov. 1983-1995 :Founder and President of International Telecom s.r.l. May 1996-2007 :Founder and President of Web Opportunity s.r.l., one of the first Italian provider of internet services. From 2007 : co-partner of a group of companies providing internet and telecommunications services in Europe, North and South America. From 2016 :Manager Director of Dilbert International LTD a U.K Holding company ,owns assets and shares of stock in other corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, private equity funds, hedge funds, publicly traded stocks, bonds, real estate, song rights, brand names, patents, trademarks, copyrights, real estate.

RENATO GONCALVES DOS ANJOS Brazilian, Formation National Institute of Telecommunications – INATEL Postgraduate – Telecommunications 3/2003 – 11/2008 Completed.

Experience Vox Telecomunicacoes do Brasil Ltda Internal activity in the company Department: General Administration Position: Executive Vice President 12/2018 – Current: TELUS IP Telecommunications Internal activity in the company Department: General Administration Position: President 7/2010 – Present: AMERICA NORTH TELECOMMUNICATION CORP 3 years and 5 months Internal activity in the company Department: General Administration Position: Chief Executive Officer 6/2014 – 10/2017: Telvix Telecommunications and Services 2 years Internal activity in the company Department: Administrative Finance Position: Partner President 2/2012 – 1/2014: Braengcoy – Pa Force Engineering Company 7 years and 1 month Project in external client Brabat – Hati Peace Mission 7 years and 8 months Project in external client Client: Brazilian Army Project: Solutions of IP Telephony Position held in this project: Network and Telecommunications Infrastructure Administrator 3/2010 – 10/2017: Activities Developed / Experience gained IP Telephony / Voice over IP/Financial and Marketing MINUSTAH Log Base, Port au Prince – Haiti 7 years and 8 months

Renato Goncalves Dos Anjos


Renato Campos Gloria Braga

Treasurer and Secretary

Mr. De Capos Gloria Braga at 1984 attended the University Ensino Medio – Financial ,Guanhaes where he completed , MG –
From 2016 to 2019 Managing Director of UUDI Servicio di Technologia LTD in Vittoria Brazil
From 2013 to 2016 Vice president at RB System Development LTD ( Brazil )
From 1997 to 2013 Co-Founder and Owner of RCGB Emprendimento Imobiliario – Construction – LTD -Brazil
From 1992 to 1997 Suppling Nature ‘s Food company and vast majority of Health food and Vitamin stores New York and New Jersey states U.S.A